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Creating a website seems easy. People typically just find a template, insert pictures, change the color theme, etc. Essentially, your website wouldn’t be 100% authentic since other websites can have similar templates to yours. Besides just the design, the website will not be as secure. Designing a website is fun, but when it comes to developing and coding, not so much. Web developers are skilled at coding and will be able to design your website as well as make it secure. Below are the top 5 reasons on why you should not DIY a website.


Lack of Customization

Most companies that offer website creation services (such as Wix, CMS, WordPress, etc.) have limited customization abilities due to there being preset templates. This includes both paid and free templates, with free templates being more restricted than paid ones. For example, a company may use a specific hex color code in their logo and wish to use it for their website. On most website creation services, it is difficult or near impossible to use specific hex color codes. This makes it so that companies then have to settle for the next closest color, which could cause clashes in web design.


CMS Users Don't Use cPanel

CPanel is a powerful web development utility that manages many aspects of a website (such as domain/sub - domain controls, SSL, statistical measurements, scripts, and so forth). Because it is so powerful (and such a useful tool), many CMS users are at a disadvantage with controlling or up-keeping their website because they don’t use CPanel. For example, assume your website needs to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS so as to maintain a secure website - CPanel can do that. Or suppose that you need to redirect your domain to include “www” in the front, CPanel can do that as well. All of these actions help make your site more secure and seem more legitimate to potential prospects.


No Analytics or Metrics Support

Gone are the days of blindly building a website and then “praying” that users will view your page. It is now the age of big data, and will continue to be so as our reliance on technology grows increasingly more important. The lack of data analytics or metrics means that users who use web development services do not know how many viewers actually see their blog, how much traffic their social media platforms get, and so forth. These are simple questions that are incredibly crucial to your website’s success. By not providing these services, many users of website services are getting the short end of the stick.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever wonder how some websites “float” to the top of the search results on search engines like Google? The answer is simple - SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of increasing visibility (like being the first result on Google) of your website in hopes to attract more prospects and viewers. Statistics have shown that percentages ranging from 70-92% of clicks are captured on the first search results page on Google. This means that most results on the second, third, etc. pages will never be seen by most users. By paying for a web development service (rather than attempting to DIY a website), your page will be better optimized for SEO. This can increase traffic on your sites, social media platforms, and even increase the potential pool of prospects.


Security Problems

Security has always been an issue and while no method is 100% foolproof, some are definitely better than others. CMS themes, for example, do not get updated once they have been published. This can lead to the plugins used on the theme to become outdated and obsolete, which then makes the plugins perfect carriers for malware. For example, suppose you do decide to use CMS, and you choose a theme for your page in the very beginning. Now, assume you later change your theme but forgot to delete the old theme or update the plug-ins. Your domain is then in potential trouble for being blacklisted by viruses and malware. By paying for professional web developers to create your website however, you can be more at ease at the quality and security of your website.

Advice to Business Owners

Although Squarespace and other DIY companies make designing your company's website seem simple, the reality is that online presence alone will do nothing for your business. You could spend years developing all of the different skills which will yield a great website worthy of your brand.

You're in the business to make money, and thus a website should be treated as an investment. Invest in your brand by hiring the best Intelligent-Website developers and Digital Marketing Analytics Consultants.

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